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For all enquiries, please contact:


Teaching Team

  • support the studies of underprivileged students

  • provide homework, test preparation, and knowledge building support

  • teach 2-5 students online every week through Zoom


Operations Team

  • Plan and coordinate program

  • Develop and deliver training material for teaching volunteers

  • Monitor and give feedback to teachers regarding lesson plans and classes

Join Our Team - Calling All High School Students


Receive certified and signed hours of service

Marketing Team

  • Create content for social media platforms

  • Strategize and execute partnerships and promotional activities

  • Monitor marketing metrics

Offer Teaching Development


Teaching professionals can support us by helping our volunteers develop their teaching skills. This can be achieved by providing workshops, mentorship, or simply sharing with us some tips or resources useful for teachers.

Partner with Us

We would love to partner with other organizations/entities to:

  1. Connect us to students within their community in need of our educational programs

  2. Share our organization with their community and for us to do the same

  3. Work together to initiate projects that serve the needy in Hong Kong



A 100% student-led organization that serves the educational needs of primary and middle school refugee, ethnic minority, and special educational needs students in Hong Kong. 

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