Our Programs

How We Operate

  1. Connect with underprivileged students through local NGOs

  2. Survey the academic needs of students

  3. Recruit teachers and an operations team based on the needs of students

  4. Provide training workshops for teachers

  5. Teachers hold classes for students through Zoom, with Program Managers monitoring lessons and reviewing/providing feedback on lesson plans

Our Impact

Hear the first-hand impact of our virtual education programs through our students' reflections of their experience participating in our recent summer program.

Our Current Program: Virtual Tutor Groups

  • Weekly tutor groups of 3-5 students with a teacher who provides homework, test preparation, and additional support in one subject

  • Offering Visual Arts, Maths, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English courses

  • Students are in Grades 1 - 7 and come from Nepal, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Ghana, and Togo

  • Partnered with the Child Welfare Scheme and Grassroots Future

Past Programs


A 100% student-led organization that serves the educational needs of primary and middle school refugee and ethnic minority students in Hong Kong.