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About Us

We are EduBridge HK

A Hong Kong based student-led organization that serves the educational needs of refugee students from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and West Africa living in Hong Kong. We connect them to high school teaching volunteers who develop, create, and lead virtual education courses to support our students' performance in school and foster their academic passions and interests.



To bridge inequalities using education as a driving force of social mobility, one student at a time

Hong Kong has a gaping problem—we have the highest level of income inequality among developed countries. This inequality between the rich and poor extends to education and the ability to compete in an academic setting. In the status quo, students from the highest income bracket, who can afford outside academic help, score 22% higher in exams than those in the lowest. Through EduBridge’s virtual education programs, where high school students across Hong Kong can volunteer their academic abilities to help underprivileged primary/middle school students from marginalized communities, we seek to leverage education as a driving force for social mobility and a bridge for interconnection in a divided society.


Our Partners

We partner with local NGOs to connect with refugee and ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong, and global organizations to fund and grow our operations  


Our Team

Our team comprises of 70+ high school student volunteers working in the operations, marketing, and teaching capacities

Fists in Solidarity


A 100% student-led organization that serves the educational needs of primary and middle school refugee, ethnic minority, and special educational needs students in Hong Kong. 

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